How can I download all my emails with attachments?

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Hi there.


I wonder if there is an official or easy way to download/backup all my emails with attachments to my mac? I will shut down the domain but I need all those emails and attachments to read later.


thank you.

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Hi There,
There are some paid backup tools available which can help you to download the emails with attachments on your laptop/desktop.
But if you would like to put some manual efforts then you can simply configure your Office 365 account in any of the email client available on your laptop, may be Outlook by using direct sync or IMAP protocol and then export the mailbox into readable format, like PST file.

Please refer to the articles:

Hope this helps.
Hey Swati171
Thank you for your super sonic answer! I will try that link you just shared. I will let you know if I can handle it well.

Have a good one...

As you want to download all your Outlook emails with mail attachments, you can do it manually by applying some effort. You can access these sets of manual instructions from here:

However, These manual techniques are free but a lit bit complicated for novice users. That's why it is advised to use any good professional solution to save Outook emails without creating any differecultiso in Outlook operation. You can use Mac OLM Converter to convert & download your Outlook OLM file on your Mac OS.  You are free to choose any method as per your needs. I hope this may resolve your issue.