How can I delete a email account to which I don’t have more access?

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Hello everybody! Hotmail blocked my email account 7 years ago when I moved to another country. It asks me to fill out a form providing information such as contacts, emails exchanged and a phone number (which I no longer have) for confirmation. I have tried several times to get back this account with out any success. I want to know if there is a way to delete that account even if I dont have access to. I have tried to get in touch with customer service but the only thing i got to is to talk to a virtual agent which hasn’t been helpful at all. Thank you all.

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If you don't log in at least once a year, the account is inactive and purged and the only way to recover it is if you have the password - resetting the password wont work.


If you haven't accessed the Microsoft account in more than 2 years, it will be deleted (closed for good).  Once closed, addresses cannot be claimed or reclaimed, or otherwise reopened. The exact time frame for automated closure depends on when you opened and last used the account - but if you don't try to log in again, it should be gone sometime after 2 years from now. 

Microsoft account activity policy:


Contacting support won't do you any good - per this  disclaimer that was previously at the end of Help with the Microsoft account recovery form 
"Along with using strong passwords, encryption, security contact information and other technology to keep your content safe and secure, we have strict policies on how our advocates can help you with your account. Only you can reset your password and make security changes to your account."