How can I attach ppt which is over 25Mbyte, and let download one from recipient side?

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I shared ppt file using outlook mail with my partner who is outside from my tenant with shareing link.


He just replied to me that he wants to download it. shareing link is too slow... blah blah..


I know if I gave him link of onedrive of normal format(extension), reciepient can downlad it, but AFAIK, office document will open it's own viewer which has no download button.


How can I do it?



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Why not attach it like normal? Office 365 supports attachments of 150MB.
Alternatively, give him "Edit" rights and get him to open the PowerPoint file in PowerPoint instead of the viewer, then he can "Save As" locally.

@주현 김

I assume you have shared a single file using an anonymous link.

In such a case, the recipient cannot download the file.

If you put instead the file inside a folder and share that folder, then the recipient will be able to download the file (and of course also other files inside the same folder, if any).

Hope it helps...

most mail service can only recieve mail attachment up to 25Mb.


And I tried with 'edit' right, and do not see save as button. I did it from sharepoint site library. And reciepient is outside of my tenant.

that could be temp solution. Thanks.


But that's.. somewhat .. wierd. 

Keep in mind that it happens only for anonymously shared files. Hence if you share with an authenticated user (also with only view rights), he/she will be able to download the file.