Hover cards not showing information from Contacts

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There IS an entry for this person in my Contacts.There IS an entry for this person in my Contacts.Outlook 2021 - When I view a received email (either in the preview window or in a 'pop-up' window), if the email is from somebody in my 'Contacts' list when I hover over his/her name I get a pop-up 'card'. This card USED TO show the full information from that person's matching entry in my Contacts list, but now it shows only the name and email-address (apparently obtained from the email message I'm viewing). Apparently Outlook doesn't even 'know' that this person is in my Contacts list because it gives me an option (under "..." ) to ADD the person to my Contacts list (instead of correctly showing me an option to VIEW the existing Contact).

This happens for ALL my contacts, and after re-boots, etc..

Previously (~2 months ago) Outlook would correctly show me information from the matching 'Contacts' entry. 


Suggestions to fix? 


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