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Hi all Thanks for any help that can be given here . 7 months ago I forgot my email password and as normal would be sent a code over the phone in a voice message . Problem is my phone is a landline and this is what was always used in the past , But at some point without my knowledge Microsoft decided that they would only send out text messages and not a voice message . So my landline phone not being able to receive a text message has seen Microsoft block my account and I have not been able to even change over my landline number to a mobile . The landline number that Microsoft was sending codes to in a voice message has not changed and not one single person at Microsoft has been of help in sorting out my issue , Can someone please assist me as the email account is something I really need back .I have even sent in over 70 recovery forms


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Hi @briandsheahotmailcom 

Please read this information below, but the landline transmits the codes aloud, but this is speed reading so you need to be prepared - there is no other option.

Unblock my account (

Thank you for the message I have tried what you suggested many times but my landline number now will not ring when I add the last four numbers so nothing can happen I dont understand why a simple voice message cannot be sent to me on my land line as done before so I can then reset everything


Hello! You've posted your question in the Tech Community Discussion space, which is intended for discussion around the Tech Community website itself, not product questions. While your question seems like one that only support could handle (and I'm sorry they haven't been the most helpful for you), I'm moving your question to the Outlook space just in case. You may also want to post your inquiry on Microsoft Answers