Hotmail blocked repeatedly

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This evening my hotmail account wouldn't send emails, the message was a security issue. Then the account was blocked. I was able to unblock several times with text message. But it kept on being blocked. Then I couldn't reinstall it in my phone, because the account is blocked. Then it said it couldn't send messages to my phone number. (I'm assuming that that happened because of too many times) - can anyone help? I'd really like to find the online chat and speak with microsoft, but I can't find it anywhere. All roads lead to a dead end.


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The irony, I can't sign in to support with my personal account, because it's blocked, so can't get support. If anyone here can tell me how I can contact a live agent in a chat that would be very helpful.

I have the same issue, started yesterday the 8th May 2023.. I have been using hotmail for years.
If I try to send an email the account is blocked. I have unblocked it and I can receive etc but not send.

I wonder if it's not something to do with available storage on the free account? Is your account also free level? I have loads of emails and I have a lot of files on one drive, maybe I hit the maximum.

Hi, it's not because you've reached the maximum - they let you know if there's no space left. My hunch is that it has to do with the failing of the junk filter a few months ago, and that the system is treating sent emails as though they're spam. My concern is that they're not going to dedicate time to fixing hotmail. I'm really sad and it's a ton of work, but I've decided to stop fighting and shift to outlook. :( I did a full back up of everything to a PST file (you then need special software to open it, and there is a way to import that to Outlook, but I haven't found a free programme for that yet. I've had the hotmail address for around 25 years. This is a nightmare! I've also just found out I can't send from outlook to multiple people at once without verifying my account, but the captcha won't load. Another headache to find a solution to. And of course actually finding your way to the live the chat is nigh on impossible.
Anyway, good luck!!
maybe time to move to Google.. they give you everything for free.. as long as you don't mind them spying on you... Well all the best!
I kind of hate them all! I do feel kind of bereft moving away from my trusty hotmail, so much history and it's embedded in so many places. What you can also do is set up forwarding from it to another email, maybe a gmail, or wherever you want to go. So you keep the hotmail going and don't lose people contacting you, and eventually wean yourself off it. I've got my hotmail forwarding to the outlook mail. It's a little confusing, and unpleasant, but it's getting me through a busy time and lots of freelance work conversations happening by email. aghh.

Something strange... my wife, also on Hotmail, has no issues... One of the things that comes to mind now is that the error message also said something about violating terms and conditions.
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I don't really put any of that in my outgoing emails, but maybe it's connected.

All I can say for sure is:
The best part about being a Conspiracy Theorist is that if I am wrong...

It's not the end of the world!


@ratrobainhaha, you never know. I am something of a conspiracy theorist, and wouldn't be surprised by anything. However, I think it's more likely usage, and the amount of spam that's been generated through online activity. People who don't do a lot on the internet probably haven't accumulated a lot of junk. I've managed to be invaded by enormous amounts of spam and phishing and so when the junk filter broke down a few months ago, they told me to start making phishing reports on loads of junkmail, telling me it helped them with their efforts. I think that has come back to bite me. But I also have my own conspiracy theory, and that is that bit by bit they are trying to force people to stop using hotmail, because they don't want to maintain it. Make life miserable, and even the most resilient will buckle.
thanks for the link!

Jeg kan ikke logge på Outlook da jeg har fået nyt Mobil nr. de bruger mit gamle som var 22788181 Mit nye er 42474155 jeg kan ikke ændre det?? Mvh Lars Petersen
Jeg er ikke en support fra Microsoft. Jeg har lige et problem og poster det her.
Det er ikke en god idé at lægge dit telefonnummer på internettet, dårlige mennesker kan bruge det til at narre dig.
Du ønsker måske at slette indlægget eller redigere det og fjerne dit telefonnummer. Jeg brugte Google til at oversætte
Looks like it's working again, must have been some glitch on their side...