Hos to import contacts to Outlook ?

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I'm a new user of business premium and started with outlook today.


when I wanted to import my contacts the only options are to import from older versions of Outlook! This does not work for me, I have approximately 1000 contacts to import and I need a solution.


 I work on a MacBook Air, latest IOS.




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And where are your contacts stored? In most cases you should be able to export them to CSV or similar, then import to Outlook. And you can also do the same via OWA: https://outlook.office.com/owa/?path=/options/importcontacts

Hi thank you for answer

I can't find the option to import from a CSV file in the new outlook 365,
It is only referring to older outlook programmes

Do you know if I can use any of them?

You can import from the web version, just click the link above.