Hiding or Disabling Manage Add-ins in Outlook 365 Client

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I have a need to hide or disable the Manage Add-ins button in Outlook via Group Policy or registry setting (Control ID). I would appreciate any comments. I have search the ADM templates but no luck. Thanks in advance. 


Disable Manage Add-ins.png

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Which type of Outlook Add-Ins do you want to control? 

There are Legacy Add-Ins that are locally installed on each client. You control those Add-Ins using a software deployment tool of your choice, by installing the Add-In only for users that need to use those.

Modern Add-Ins are deployed to Outlook 365 by Microsoft 365. These deployments are controlled by Add-In assignments and/or license assignments to the users, e.g., Insights.

You can still find the Add-Ins in the legacy Exchange Online Admin Center. Organization -> Add-Ins.

Hi Thomas. Thanks for responding. We need to completely disable the button so the user will not be able to use this feature. So not an exact add-in but specifically the button I pointed out in the visual. There has to be a Control ID for that button that we can set the value to disable or hide. So that is want I need. Thanks again, appreciate any other advice on this.
I am seeking the same solution.