Help with profile naming in MS Outlok 365

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Hello everyone,


Good day!


My name is José.


Recently, in order to clean-up my Outlook 365 email client on my laptop to start with a clean slate and newly established Email accounts, I removed previously used Profile Names.


Based on what I have seen previously, when Outlook is run for the first time, it automatically creates a profile name "Outlook". Now, for me, that field is "blank".


I want to create two new profiles; one for my Personal Domain Email through my Email Hosting provider IONOS, and one for my Gmail Email.


My question is: Does Outlook require that the "first" profile name is "Outlook", or can I just create two new profiles named whatever I want, i.e., 1) Jose's IONOS and 2) Jose's Gmail?


If anyone can provide assistance on this subject, I would truly appreciate it.


Thank you.


Have a better than terrific day!



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According to my information, Outlook does not require the "first" profile name to be "Outlook". You can simply create two new profiles with any name you want, e.g. 1) IONOS Jose and 2) Gmail Jose.


Thank you A1 for your response.