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I had an Outlook/Hotmail account as part of my university in the UK. The outlook account has been deleted since I have graduated. I have checked and it has definitely been deleted.

However, on my mobile, I keep getting numerous notifications a day asking me to "sign-in" to my deleted account.

These are very frustrating and I would like to get rid of them. Can anyone help me? Many thanks in advance:)
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Hi @mlgboi,

Wishing you a good day. 

Here is a link from that provides instructions.


I hope this helps.  Please like this response or select as the best answer . Thank you in advance.



Thank you for your reply, unfortunately I have an Android - so that link won't be helpful to me.


Also, my account is already deleted but I am still receiving notifications about logging back into the deleted account. That is the problem.


If you know anything about that, I would be very grateful. Cheers.