HELP! Outlook not displaying if i replay or forward a message

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My outlook is not displaying the icon for replying or forwarding a message out of my inbox.  I tried to add the column of Icon, it was already there, tried removing and closing program, restarting re-adding the Icon and still nothing... Please help this is not efficient if i can't see that I have replied or forward a message.  Thanks

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Perhaps you have been prevented from forwarding the message by the author of the email, which is possible, Not sure about the replying part.
Is this problem specific to one email or all emails?



Are you facing the same issue in OWA..? if yes than check if the issue is specific to one email or not.

If the issue is not present in OWA.. than this could possibly mean the issue may be with Outlook...


Try to configure the profile on a different device and check if the issue is there on Outlook or not..

Quite Possibly the author may have prevented you from forwarding that mail..




Robin Nishad

@Robin Nishad 

This is an issue with every email, and not specific.  It will now show the little arrows if I forward or replay to a message in my inbox.  




Check your license is not expired or its not activated. If not okay still trying re-syncing your account.


Might be a server issue as well. 

@gigibart I had this problem with Outlook in Office 365 (no reply/forward icons appearing) and the soluction here fixed the problem: (even though one person reports it didn't help them, it did for me). I refer to the two-step solution outlined by Gabriel Bratton on 29 May 2019. Good luck



This problem appeared for me about a month or two ago. It might have occurred when I reverted back to the classic layout of having my calendar, task icon, contacts, etc. appear at the bottom of my list of folders, rather than to the left (which was taking up too much valuable real estate). 


I just figured out a solution that worked for me. In Outlook, go to View > View Settings > Columns. 


Under the Select Available Columns From dropdown menu, select All Mail Fields. Find the Icon option and Add it. You can then move the Icon option up and down so it appears where you want when looking at your inbox.  



This is a very late response but may also help someone.
I had a similar issue in Outlook 2021 and corrected it by resetting the view.
View > Reset View > (At the prompt, "Are you sure you want to reset the view ...") Select Yes
For myself, all email and icons showed correctly after that.