Groups icons is missing in Outlook on the Web

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Last couple of days the Office 365 Groups icons have been missing from the web version of Outlook for me and some of our users. Tried clearing cache etc but that did not help. Seems that the DOM is different between the experiences.

2016-11-29 15_37_52.png


Going to the Calendar-view they are visible:

2016-11-29 15_40_51.png


Is this some kind of A/B testing?

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Works fine here, might be a browser issue (try clearing the cache). Or might be just a case of you hitting a server with different version that indeed has this issue :)

Seeing this in 3 FR Tenants that seems to be running the following version of OWA V2016_11_07 (15.1.747.16) and V2016_11_10 (15.1.761.9) but not in a "normal non-FR" Tenant running V2016_10_27 (15.1.734.19).


So it could be a FR thing rolling out but in a Development Tenant I tested running V2016_11_10 (15.1.761.9) the icons are there so it does not make real sense ....

Almost February here and I have the same issue and I've also mentioned this (did search before)

No responses probably mean we'll have to live with it.

Would be nice to get some other feedback if their tenants also have this change (I don't think its by accident)