Group calendars stay open; will not stay close

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As admin support person I have maximum group calendars allowed (30, I think) and am always updating/changing the list, keeping current.  Group calendars used to close and stay closed.  Now they remain open.  So, if I have to search for a group calendar or an individual calendar name in a group calendar, I have to scroll ad nauseum through the entire list of group calendars, which stay opened (will not stay closed; will not stay collapsed).  This list of 30 group calendars includes hundreds of individual calendars, names, to scroll through.  (I do alphabetize group calendar names and the individual calendar names within a group which makes it easier to pinpoint.)  But, still, likely I waste 2+ hrs / day scrolling through opened group calendars. I saw a topic in the "help" section about a fix from an update in 2008.  However, I'm on "the exchange" and my IT admin team manages updates, running updates all the time, and I am not permitted - that is, the option is unavailable for me to select and update.

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