Got a couple questions related to Outlook on Mobile

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I've got an Android phone. And I've got Outlook installed on it; it is my email client I use. Currently I have two email accounts, but I don't have my work email account in it. Occasionally when I get into Outlook it will remind me that I can set up my work email account in it. If I do, does that become the dominate account, pushing all other messages out of the way, etc?


Second has to do with Microsoft Launcher for Android, but I get the feeling it is related to Outlook as well. When I go to Microsoft Launcher on my phone it also has a notice that I could enter my work credentials there as well. Realistically, what does that get me? Why should I do that? I'm just wondering if I'm just inviting lots of problems for myself. For reasons that have not been explained to me, we have a squirrelly Office setup. Everytime I or anyone else changes their password (we're required to change our password every 90 days) then for several weeks afterwards various Office products don't remember the new password. For example Skype for Business will always, for many weeks, ask me to enter my credentials over and over again. It even has a checkbox to remember my new password. I always select that checkbox. It never remembers, for many weeks. Its tedious and a waste of time. I've talked to other about this. Basically, everyone is afflicted with this problem and no one I've talked to knows why this is. I suspect someone, somewhere who could alleviate this problem, doesn't know how to alleviate this problem and so it persists. For many years. So, bottom line, why would I want this behavior added to Microsoft Launcher on my phone? (I'm concerned that it will go there as well.) 

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No, you can use multiple accounts just fine, equal rights and all. You might get some policies applied from your organization however, best check with your IT folks.


I'm not sure about Launcher, never bothered to try it with work credentials.