Gmail won't sync via the Microsoft Cloud

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Hi, my gmail account (mail, calendar) won't sync with outlook ios or outlook for mac on via the Microsoft Cloud.  It seems to work on my Mac when I opt to sync directly with Gmail, but not via the Microsoft Cloud.  It was working fine until 2 days ago, then suddenly stopped working - no new email received, no ability to send email.


Anyone know if there is a connectivity issue at the moment?  I have tried removing the Gmail account on both IOS and my mac and it just loads the same snapshot of mail back as when it stopped working, not new mails.


I am using Microsoft Outlook for Mac version 16.48 (21041102)

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same issue

@leochan_mysupport  i solved this - i think by turning on two factor authentication in gmail and then deleting and re-adding the gmail account to outlook.

@RichWatson Thanks for reply. MFA is on already. Deleting and re-adding the gmail account to outlook and still not downloading some old emails.