Gmail not linking in outlook live

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Yesterday my gmail stopped updating in Outlook on the web so I removed the account and when I've tried to re-add the account, I'm receiving the below error message. 



Something went wrong.


An error occurred when you tried to access your mailbox because a  server with information about you and your mailbox couldn't be found.

Does anyone know how to fix this?
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Hi first clear your browser's cache and of course do the update and restart your computer.

@A1-A1 Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately that didn't work. I tried on a separate computer as well and am receiving the same error message. 

Please check if you have a 16 character password and 2FA authorization enabled in your Gmail security account and then try adding gmail account to Outlook

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It's still giving me that message after I did that :\


Check out this article and try disabling browser extensions one by one (security add-ons may block)

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