Gmail IMAP alias as default for sending in Outlook 365 pro

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I have set up my Gmail account and and its alias (the alias is a Gmail one, using a domain I own), in Outlook 365 on my PC. 


I can send and receive email via Outlook 365 to the alias, but every time I want to send a new email or reply to an email, I have to choose the alias on the "From" button. 


Surely there is a way to make the alias the default for new, send, and reply? 

BTW, on the Gmail website, I have set the alias to be the default, so the above works fine. 





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@Tomer-B  If you never want to send from the gmail address,  go to Send & Receive settings - Ctrl+Alt+S - then click Edit, select the account then Account Properties. Change the email address on the IMAP email field (at the top of the dialog). 


If you need to send from the gmail address sometimes, you can use a macro to reply from the address the message was sent to and to open a new message with the address selected.  I have a macro here -