GMAIL comes through blank when I CC myself or email myself

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I cannot find the solution.

When people email me, I get the emails fine.  When I send an email to my gmail account from an alternate account, they come through fine.


However, when in Outlook - I often times send emails or forward emails and I "CC" or "BCC" myself on the email for record keeping.  When I "CC" or "BCC" myself, or even just send my self an email from and to my Gmail account, the body shows up BLANK in Outlook 365.  It also has the little paper clip "Attachment" symbol, even though no attachment was added to the email and this little paper clip attachment cannot be opened.


I've updated outlook.  Updated Norton.  Switched from HTML to Plaint Text to Rich Text Format and back again to HTML.  It just shows up in Outlook at a blank email.  The title of the email is there - just nothing in the body of the email.  If I check the mail on Google's email server online, it is fine and the email is not blank.  Just when I use Outlook, which is set up for IMAP.


What is up with this?  I used to get my forwarded, CC, BCC and regular emails that I sent to myself just fine.  But for about a month anything I send to myself via my Gmail account shows up blank in my inbox.



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