Getting an error in calendar for reminders - The reminder will not appear because.......

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I am getting an error message in Outlook 2013 - The reminder will not appear because the item is in a folder that doesn’t support reminders.


I never used to get that message, it has just appeared in the last few days. I haven't altered anything locally, although W10 did a large update the other day (and possibly had some Office updates in it).


The calendar is an exchange calendar and most of the information I can see on this error seems to relate to use of .pst files. In advanced options the 'set reminders' option is already ticked. Can't see why I am getting the error message or how to fix it.

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@Chris Blackman  Is it the calendar in your mailbox?   About the only time you should get that message in current versions is with shared calendars or icloud calendars. 

@Diane PoremskyYes, calendar is in my mailbox. I have created a share link for this calendar in the past, but it is dumb - it just displays the contents of my calendar via a weblink.