Getting a list of default Outlook Calendar names for multiple languages

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Does a list of translated names of the Outlook default calendar name, "Calendar" exist?  This is to be used for a Power Automate flow, to filter on global team member's default Outlook calendars, who may have different language and region/localization settings.  For example in French, it is Calendrier and in Dutch it is Agenda.  Google and Bing translation of "Calendar" from US English will not be reliable as MS is appears to us some other translation lookup.

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I have been looking for the same for a long time. Our solution was to enforce en-us as default language for all, which is less than ideal solution.


We ended up creating the translation table in a SP List and adding entries as needed for affected users on a "new" language encountered. 

@JMart420 that's a smart workaround :) it's a bit sad that such workarounds are needed for such a basic thing