Forwarding incoming emails-Original not saving in my inbox

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When I forward an email and later go back to the inbox to access it, more often than not the email is no longer in my inbox.  I had my Outlook set up to same original messages in folder and had no problems until about 2 months ago.  This has happened before and now is happening again.  I have the following boxes checked;




Can anyone suggest how I might be able to fix this?

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Micky Mitchell

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This had been happening to me for some time with my hotmail. I recieved an email from Microsoft informing me they were merging hotmail accounts into Outlook. They told me to keep my hotmail address but to access my hotmails by logging into Outlook. All my hotmails were there.
Thank you. I have not used any other email. Our business uses OUTLOOK with Microsoft 365. It is frustrating because if I receive an email with an attachment and need to also forward to another person. I go back to grab it and it's gone. If weeks have gone by, I recall who I received it from, but not who I forwarded it to. I have hundreds of customers and it is making my job very hard to organize when this happens.


Is above the last part of your email address? Not sure how that works then. I was instructed by microsoft to retain my hotmail address but access them via outlook, which I screwed up & am now trying to fix! You might try accessing the outlook app itself, (I don't know what platform you use, pc or android), and clear the cache and the data, that won't kill any emails or anything but it will 'reset' outlook. If that doesen't work try un-installing then re-installing outlook. That too will not delete any of your mails as they are stored on a served. Rest assured all those emails that dissappear are not gone, and when whatever problem with outlook is rectified all those emails will be there. Thanks microsoft, for making things like this such a pain in the butt.


My email ends with My company uses outlook which is how I log into my email.