Forgot password and lost access to phone number for old hotmail address but have access via pop3

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As stated in the title, I have an old hotmail address of which I forgot the password, also the phone number is no longer in use. I do however still have access to it on my iPhone, which can copy my pop3 accounts when transferring to a new phone.

I already tried to use the retrieve password form and filled out all the details 3 times, but I always get rejected.

Is there a way I can get my password reset by proving I have access via the pop3 on my phone?



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I don't have an answer for your initial request. You have completed the first step by completing the form. However, I want to inform you of Microsoft's recent blog post, Keeping our Outlook Personal Email Users Safe: Reinforcing Our Commitment to Security  


In part, it states,

Starting September 162 2024, all Microsoft personal email account users (e.g.,,, will need to move to Modern Authentication methods in their email application.

Anyone who is attempting to use an application which does not support modern authentication will no longer be able to access their, Hotmail or email from those applications.

I hope you resolve your issue before September. I don't want you to lose your access completely. 


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