Follow up and to-do list help

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I made a CRM in Excel, I tried importing it into Outlook Calendar but it was very cumbersome to keep updated(needed to resave the original Excel program and export as CSV and re-import it every time the original file was updated). So I decided to import it into Outlook contacts instead and that seemed to work. My new problem now is; how do I either get follow-ups to go to the shared calendar the contacts are under, or make the to-do list that the follow-ups go to sharable. Currently, when I right click on the to-do list, the share and properties options are grayed out. I see that I'm able to share my tasks so if I can get the to-do list to also be tasks, I could just share that.


We are trying to make a Prospective Sales Contact List for our sales team where they can also set up follow-up reminders for call backs. I made the list, just can't get this last bit figured out. Thank you for any assistance you may provide.

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