folders not in New OUTLOOK for Mac

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Okay, this is what I am seeing.


Setup Microsoft365 account on new M1 Macbook Pro running Monterey in the OLD Outlook for Mac all the users folders on Microsoft365 show/sync up without issue. When I switch to NEW Outlook For Mac  Some (not all) of the folders are gone. If I switch back to OLD Outlook for Mac they all show up correctly.  These folders are NOT "PUBLIC folders" or "On My Mac" folders they are user-created folders that are at the same level as the inbox. We have switched the user to OLD Outlook for now so he can access his folders but I would like to "switch" to NEW Outlook. ANY idea why this might be going on?


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@scottmseifert Hi Scott, I'm an IT Support Technician, and I just experienced this same issue with one of my clients, and eventually had to open a ticket with Microsoft in order to resolve it. The solution ended up being to open the affected mail profile on a Windows computer, and fix the issue there, and then it will resolve itself on the Mac. The following link will take you to a page that has the VB script that I use on Windows computers to fix the imported folders, so you'll have to download that script and the mail account on a Windows computer, run the script, and then that should resolve the issue on the Mac.

Have a great day and I hope this helps!

@CorySzyja Will do this on the users account and let you know if this issue is fixed or not. Thanks for you r suggestion...



Same issue here...will try this script too
It worked!!! Thanks!!!

@CorySzyja I don't have a Microsoft computer on which to open my Outlook.

Why can't something as simple as viewing our folders in Outlook just work (or be an easy fix). 

This is ludicrous.