folders not in New OUTLOOK for Mac

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Okay, this is what I am seeing.


Setup Microsoft365 account on new M1 Macbook Pro running Monterey in the OLD Outlook for Mac all the users folders on Microsoft365 show/sync up without issue. When I switch to NEW Outlook For Mac  Some (not all) of the folders are gone. If I switch back to OLD Outlook for Mac they all show up correctly.  These folders are NOT "PUBLIC folders" or "On My Mac" folders they are user-created folders that are at the same level as the inbox. We have switched the user to OLD Outlook for now so he can access his folders but I would like to "switch" to NEW Outlook. ANY idea why this might be going on?


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@scottmseifert Hi Scott, I'm an IT Support Technician, and I just experienced this same issue with one of my clients, and eventually had to open a ticket with Microsoft in order to resolve it. The solution ended up being to open the affected mail profile on a Windows computer, and fix the issue there, and then it will resolve itself on the Mac. The following link will take you to a page that has the VB script that I use on Windows computers to fix the imported folders, so you'll have to download that script and the mail account on a Windows computer, run the script, and then that should resolve the issue on the Mac.

Have a great day and I hope this helps!

@CorySzyja Will do this on the users account and let you know if this issue is fixed or not. Thanks for you r suggestion...



Same issue here...will try this script too
It worked!!! Thanks!!!

@CorySzyja I don't have a Microsoft computer on which to open my Outlook.

Why can't something as simple as viewing our folders in Outlook just work (or be an easy fix). 

This is ludicrous. 

Muchas gracias CorySzyja, funciono perfectamente!