flag an email and a reminder outlook

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I recently installed Outlook 2021 on my PC and am trying to flag an email with a reminder. I see the flag option but it does not have a the reminder option that i am used to? I could say remind me on a date and time. 


Any ideas?

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Hi @rivmanaz ,

could you please share a screenshot with us?


But, you should be able to find it - see below.




Hello Adin,
I am aware of the option and it shows it in my Outlook app on my PC however I only have the option to flag an email or remove a flag.
Not sure how to add a screenshot? I can't seem to paste it here? I am new to MS community.


OK, here is the screen shot with only a Flag or Clear Flag. 

I went to Ribbon Options to add the Reminder but it shows it already added as an option



Appreciate your help!