FindTime showing "unknown" instead of availability


As of about a week ago, FindTime seems to no longer be able to display the user's availability despite having logged into the O365 account. At the same time, users are reporting that they've had to re-link their O365 accounts to FindTime. Does anyone know what's going on? Seeing the comments on this UserVoice post ( makes me think it's not us, but something is going on with FindTime...

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@Kreera House 


Works fine for me - see snapshot below. This was on the desktop client


2019-05-01 04_04_55-Inbox - - Outlook.png

We're not having any problems with the desktop client when you create a poll. The issue is when invitees receive the invitation to vote and want to see their availability for the proposed options before voting on each time slot.

@Kreera House You are right. I just checked and the user receiving these does not get to see their availability - despite being an O365 user. It just says "unkown"

@Saifarshad  Just wanted to update this post:  The issue was identified as a problem with FindTime and has since been resolved, although the Microsoft engineer we worked with couldn't tell us what caused the issue in the first place or how it was resolved.

Looks like the issue is not resolved but intermittent now.