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Can anyone help with my Find Related Messages in this Conversation function not working?

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@James_McQuaker1977 Hello there..... I have the exact same issue as of today..... What can it be????? please my mail is   Let me know if you found the solution... I even updated Office and the problem is still there. 

Same here ...
Same here too, this is frustrating


Same here, and it seemed to start when I updated to Windows 11 last week. Is this the case for others?

Same here

@James_McQuaker1977 : Same here

same here.
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The working syntax includes the bracket. That is [Conversation]:="Email Title". This feature is not working as the bracket is missed in the search syntax -> Converation:="Email Title". I encountered this issue when my computer upgraded to KB5007186.

@Moses3000 This is true, and inserting the square brackets resolves the problem. But why is Outlook not inserting them itself when you select the menu option? And how can this be fixed?

This should be outlook bug. We need to wait Microsoft to fix this feature.
Check the response from Moses3000. Inserting the brackets works.

@James_McQuaker1977no me funciona la opción de buscar mensajes en esta conversación, alguien me puede ayudar? 

@AdrianOrtiz82 Check the response from Moses3000. It works.

Perfect! Working for me!

@Moses3000existe alguna forma de reportar esto a Microsoft para que la solución sea mas rapida?  

How did you do it or what is the steps? @Santanar00 



Worked for mi

Funciono para mi


Here is what I did (temporal solution)

Aqui lo que hice (solucion temporal)


al dar clic en boton derecho y buscar algun correo por conversacion me salio esto en la parte superior Conversación:="Test Players"   solo agregue unos corchetes antes y despues de la palabra conversacion asi    [Conversación]:="Test Players"    y listo, funciona mientras lo arregla Microsoft


when clicking right button and searching for an email in conversation mode i got this in the upper search box Conversación:="Test Players"   I just added 2 square brackets before and after the word conversacion, like this  [Conversación]:="Test Players"   it works, its temporal solution meanwhile Microsoft fixes it

@Florencio_Aldape @Hezrayan 


You can bypass the manual effort with Find Related Conversations and enable the Show as Conversation feature.  This options groups all related messages automatically. You can expand to see all messages.  When you move an email to a folder and choose "all mailboxes," all conversations in the inbox, sent, and other folders are shown.


Give it a try.  You will no longer have to find conversations manually.


  • Select View | Add a checkmark by Show as Conversations | All mailboxes






In our case, we have used this as a temporary workaround, while waiting for Microsoft to fix this bug, but it's not a long-term solution. Many users don't want to view their emails clustered in conversations but prefer chronological order. That's after all what "Find related messages" is for,