Feature request for Microsoft Outlook: allow for different work times for different days in calendar

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Microsoft, please consider implementing this enhancement/feature request/idea for allowing different work (i.e., start and end) times to be set for different days of the week for the calendar in Microsoft Outlook (2016 and later) via the "File" menu/tab -> "Options" menu -> "Calendar" menu -> "Work time" group/section.


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By the way, if anyone knows how/where to enter keywords (i.e., labels?), please let me know, because the "Labels" field was not accepting the aforementioned terms.
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@RicSternot We turned off the ability to choose labels aside from Community in the Tech Community Discussion space (the one you have posted in) as we were trying to find ways to keep people from posting about products in this space - it didn't seem to work in this case.


Regardless, you've posted your question in the Tech Community Discussion space, which is intended for discussion around the Tech Community website itself, not product questions. I'm moving your question to the Outlook space- please post Outlook questions here in the future. 


Typically the feedback tool is recommended for product ideas: 

Hi, @Eric Starker. I see no "Feedback" option under the "File" menu in Microsoft Outlook, at least not at my Firm.

Thank you for moving my discussion to the appropriate forum. :)

@RicSternot I see it on the bottom left of my Outlook, when I hit File, then Account Information is on the top, and then Feedback is on the bottom left in this box.




If that doesn't work or isn't there, you could also submit it via the mobile app or via feedback on the web version of Outlook.


I don't work for the Outlook team so I'm not sure what to share beyond this, but hopefully one of the Outlook experts in this space can help further if you're not able to submit feedback as per above! 

Hello again, @Eric Starker. I have no such "Feedback" option in Outlook 2016 for my Firm, nor does one appear in Outlook Web App (OWA) for that work account. Hopefully, someone else would be able to get this enhancement request to the attention of Microsoft, since the UserVoice.Com site is no longer a valid option for submitting feedback regarding Outlook.

Hi, @RicSternot,


you can set different working hours for different days manually as shown here:

Thanks, @Victor Ivanidze, but I was looking for a built-in/native/out-of-the-box solution, not custom code or a third-party add-in/extension/plug-in.
Good day, @Eric Starker. We have since moved to Outlook 365, and I do now see a "Feedback" option under the "File" menu/tab; however, it does not do anything when clicked and then selecting either the "Send a Smile" or "Send a Frown" button, so my Firm might have disabled the feedback-reporting option via a group policy or something. Hopefully, the Microsoft developers will see my original post/request and consider it for a feature enhancement in the future.
Hello! Sorry to hear that option isn't available to you.

I don't work for the Outlook team, and the developers are unlikely to see your post/request here, but I do know that since your initial inquiry, there is a new feedback option available here that they are monitoring:

I hope that is helpful!