Favorites sort order does not save

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I cannot get the Outlook 365 desktop to keep the favorites folder/group order I set. I have tried the following to get them to display in the order I'd like:


  • Unfavorite all and re-favorite in desired order
  • Reset the view .xml by using Run -> Outlook.exe /resetnavpane

I have not tried a new profile, however this is on a new machine that had outlook installed fresh no more than a month ago. All O365 software is up to date on my machine.

Any ideas?

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Following as I have the same issue!


Had the same issue and this worked for me (not sure if all steps are necessary, but that's what I did):

- Remove all favourites

- Run Outlook.exe /resetnavpane

- Add favourites in the right order, restarting Outlook after each new addition


For me, this did not work.
After restarting Outlook, favorites are always listed in the exact order in which they have been added. So any new addition will always be listed in the last favorite position -- until I add yet another favorite.

Maybe there is a way to manually edit the local profile files?