Exchange Online - Tag for external email messages received

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I saw in the admin center that this is enabled, and you can make a PowerShell change to active and am glad to see this, but I notice that is says, "This feature is available in Outlook on the web, the new Outlook for Mac, and Outlook mobile (iOS and Android)." When will this feature be added to Outlook for Windows? Interesting that it is online, Mac, and mobile but not Microsoft's flagship OS, Windows.

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@Jeffrey Allen 
Have you tried enabling this feature? Both commands "Get-ExternalInOutlook" and "Set-ExternalInOutlook" are not recognized on my end. We are using the Exchange Online Service and I even used the Exchange Online PowerShell V2 module.

I'll second this. Connecting with the Exchange Online PowerShell V2 module and running Get-ExternalInOutlook results in "The term 'Get-ExternalInOutlook' is not recognized [...]"

The Message Center article (MC243047) says the command is available now but my guess is that it will take some time for this feature to roll out to all tenants, or is dependent on an unreleased version of the powershell module.

Anyone from MS have any idea when this will actually be available?

anyone know if this works in exchange hybrid mode with mailboxes that are on-prem?

I just ran the powershell commands again today and they worked this time.

If it's still not working for anyone else, you might just need to wait a bit more for it to be available in your tenant.


As for the original purpose of this thread - hopefully someone will have some idea if/when Outlook for Windows will get the tag feature as well.

Does anyone verify that this feature is working on your tenant? I have enabled the feature but it is still not working after 4 days.
I enabled this 7 days ago for our tenant but still don't have any clients, iOS or Android, showing the external tag. I've been hoping, like all things Microsoft that it will just take some more time, but at this point I feel we might need to open a support ticket to get things working.

Similarly I enabled this on my tenant 5 days ago. Showed up in Outlook on the Web the next day, but no sign of it in Outlook for Android.

Can I assume if my Powershell recognizes the CMDlets Get-ExternalInOutlook and Set-ExternalInOutlook that the Feature is already enrolled in my tenant?

I have tested this successfully in my DEV-tenant. There I have set the update release for all users to targeted release and it worked 1-2 hours later.

Then I wanted to enable it in a customer tenant as well. Powershell CMDlets are recognized as well. Here I have set the targeted release for a small bunch of users before the weekend. Unfortunately there is no external tagging, yet.

It's the opposite for us. I disabled and re-enabled the setting on my tenant to make this feature available to our Android and iOS devices. But still no sign for the Outlook web. I opened a Microsoft ticket but the support team cannot provide a specific timeline when this feature can be fully implemented to our tenant.

@aarone pretty such that it wont work in hybrid mode as the changes are made Exchange Online side so the mailboxes will have to be homed there Id have thought
Does anyone know of any docs that give more technical details of how this works aside from how to enabled via powershell and the roadmap annoucnement? Ive been asked to provide info on how it functions and how it would protect against spoofed emails. In my own tests I couldnt get a spoofed email through so I guess 365 provides good protection anyway but im looking for actual details I can give rather than just saying "it works"
Alas, not that I could find. I would have expected something in to support it. Perhaps something will appear in the months to come?
I got the commands to work for my test tenant but it doesn't show on Windows yet but did on the other devices in a test and so I want to hold off until it is available with Windows.
Thanks, I had not seen that. Will wait for an update from MS.