Every time I reboot my Outlook reverts to the Classic View - How do I stop this?

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I love the new Outlook and really don't like the old Classic Look.  


Unfortunately, every time I reboot my Mac, which is about once a month, my Outlook reverts to the Classic Look...and there is NO Switch to turn on the new look

I have spent hours reading help and trying to figure this out.  I've seen nothing that tells you how to get to the New look other than the "Switch" that is supposed to be on Search/Title Bar.  There is also nothing on the help menu.

How do I stop this from happening?   The only resolution I can find is to uninstall and then install new each time.  When I install everything is fine, but as soon as I reboot, it reverts back to the old Classic view

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I should have added. I'm running Outlook Version 16.58 on MacOS Montery Version 12.2.1
I just uninstalled and re-installed Outlook and the problem is resolved again....but why does it continue to revert to an old classic view (with no option to get the new view) every time I reboot?
Obviously it is not my OS version, nor my Outlook version. Something strange is happening when I reboot the laptop.



Not sure if below setting can help: