Error - "One of more of your apps are out of date" - Unclear how to resolve.

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A user with an Android phone (Samsung A20) has encountered an error with no apparent resolution.
The Outlook app is up to date. I've reinstalled it twice, from the Play Store. 
She has the Office 365 app installed and it is up to date and has no problems. There are maybe 3-4 other apps with pending updates but unrelated to Microsoft. 

The OS is up to date, Android 11. 

I've not attempted a factory reset yet. I was hoping to understand and resolve this more directly.

I have only found one other reference to this error, but no conclusion given:
Unable to log into Outlook app for Android - Microsoft Community

Has anyone else encountered this error?
Any suggestions/solutions?




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@AAvellano I am also having the same issue.  Was there ever a resolution for you? Thanks! 


Nope. Had to factory reset the phone.



I just had the same issue with Outlook and Teams (Galaxy S24 Ultra if it makes any difference). To me, clearing storage for both Apps + Microsoft 365 and logging in again fixed the issue.

Settings -> Apps -> [Microsoft 365 (Office) / Outlook / Teams] -> Storage -> Clear Data.
Thank you very much that worked for me as well. Cheers!

Thank you @aaccioly 


i had the same issue and by clearing storage data, fixed the issue.


Thanks ! 


I've tried the clearing of App data like the other users where it seems to work and I've managed to get access back to Office 365 however the error of "apps out of date" still shows on Outlook and teams even after these steps.


It looks like there might be some kind of authentication error also when signing in if it linked to the Microsoft Auth.



I was having the same issue and fixed it by updating Microsoft Authenticator.