Encrypt only in Outlook 2016/365

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Does anyone know when it will be possible to see/use the "Encrypt" only option in Outlook 2016/365? Its visible in Outlook Web, but missing in the desktop app.

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Yes, it's already available if you are on the current channel, and should be coming in the next update for those on Targeted release.

I have looked at the releases but cant seem to find out when it was released. Do you know the version or build?

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Should be Version 1804 and later.

Thanks :)

Hi @Vasil Michev,


Is this available for Volume License versions of Office 2016? I am running the latest update of Office 2016 Professional Plus MSO 16.0.4738.1000. The "Encrypt" label is missing, All other labels show up in Outlook desktop. But when I use OWA, I am able to see the "Encrypt" label. Can you help?

No, this is for the Pro Plus version only, afaik.

@SherwinF We have exactly the same issue - i think its just not an option in non-O365 versions 

@Vasil MichevAny idea why I would not see the button with 1902 (Build 11328.20230 Click-to-Run)?  Licenses are E1, ProPlus and EMS E3.  Functionality does appear in the online version.

Have now upgraded to Version 1902 (Build 11328.20318 Click-to-Run), and changed license to Microsoft 365 E3. Waited a couple of days but still no button in the Outlook client.  Anyone got any ideas?