Enable both password and auth app code for login?

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Is it possible to enable both a password and auth app code for login?
I've set up auth app but on the login screen it just asks for my password or I have the option to sign in with my auth app code, but I can't require both of these to be needed for login.

Thank you

Edit - I just tried again, apparently I can log in either with Microsoft auth app alone, or if I enter my password I also have to also use the Microsoft auth app.

Ideally, I would like it so I can't just use the Microsoft auth app to login, but use my password as well. What happens if a hacker can access my Microsoft auth app, then they can see my email account and login?

Second edit - Well that was a mission in a half - I deleted the Microsoft App auth account and set up a standard identity verification app with Google Authentication app. Now when I sign in with password it also asks me for the code. I could of used the Microsoft app and just added a standard account but I don't like how you cant remove the email address displaying in the app.

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