emails stay in outbox at times

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starting about a month ago, at times not all the time, when sending emails they get stuck in my outbox. after lets say an hour to the following day they will send. this is very frustrating. can you help me? i have been on phone with comcast and geek squad and even go daddy not one can find out why. now it leave microsoft. if you can find a soultion, then i will have to drop office 365. By the way if i do on comcast or g mail all works great. I do like outlook but can stay if this keeps up. thank you, john

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I have the same problem only the last few weeks. I will keep looking for answer and if I find one will let you know, Very frustrating.

Same for me and a few of my colleagues. We're using Outlook for Mac

@itsonlyluv I've been using Outlook for Mac for years, and just recently started having this issue. It doesn't happen for every email, just some. It is causing major problems as critical, time-senstive emails are not going out as expected. 6 hours later I discover it's stuck in the outbox. Did you ever find a resolution?