Emails not sending due to “possible spam” within

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Hello, I have had two emails sent back to me for having possible spam. Both emails are responses to a support ticket I have regarding being hacked. So I already know I have problems. But this is new. Idk what is being sent that maybe I can’t see or what but I need help. I sent myself a test email to see if it would go through and it worked no problem. I also see some addresses I have never sent anything to ever. Please if anyone can take the time to advise me on what I should do or how I can fix this. Fwiw I have changed my email address twice in just the past month-ish. I changed it on 7/1 and again on 8/13 to be more precise. I need help.
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Oh and I tried to contact MS Outlook support directly. I find myself in an endless loop of “you must sign in for support” then I sign in with two factor it’s annoying then I click my support options then it says “you must sign in . . . “ so yeah idk


Please start by securing your Microsoft account - that is, you can check if someone else has signed in and enter new passwords add double security and check what applications have access to your Microsoft account
Only after these steps - you can analyze the correct operation of Outlook .


Of course, on the Microsoft Account profile you can check the devices that have synchronization with your account and thus access to Outlook - write if it works for you, good luck

Hello thank you very much for your reply.

The only device shown is my desktop PC, does not even show this cellphone at all. I use the iPhone Outlook app.

For apps it showed “IOS” with the last used date being way back in 2017. I removed that one.

For history I can only see this month. Is there a way I can see full history? I can confirm that all this month’s logins are by me. BUT the IP address is different for the date/time I last changed my password than for my logins the other day when I posted here and for today, though all usage this month is from this same device.

Aside from that everything looks ok. Idk what is going on.


That is, everything is already in order, are there still problems?

Well no because I still have the original problem. I cannot reply to my support email thread at all because it says there is spam included.
Have you received a postmaster from Microsoft?
Hmm I think so. I get it back from “Microsoft Outlook” with the message “Delivery has failed to these recipients . . . “ where the email thread is shown as a file to open or download and it shows a ton of info for the administrator.
There will be a need for help from IT - it's all about regaining your reputation as a mail sender!
I’m confused
It is simply necessary to perform many activities and it must be done by a specialist and I do not think that you can cope with this problem yourself.
That I can agree with. What do you mean by specialist?
I get from your linked post that I can see some more info if I were to log in non-mobile so I will do that when able. But I am not sure what to do with that info exactly. Idk who or where to go for help that is why I came here I mean idk what to do.
Preferably an administrator in the company, or an IT specialist in a computer service
there is no way to help you in a public forum .
I'm happy with this discussion Good luck Andrew