Emails disappearing from Inbox after being edited

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Hello all

I have a member of staff who has full access to a senior managers mailbox profile, and this is added to outlook as an addtional maibox.


the problem arises when the member of staff edits an email in the managers inbox, after saving and closing the email, the email subsequently disappears from the managers inbox. as well as this, when the member of staff tries to a new entry into the managers calendar, the new entry is visible for a few seconds before disappearing.


both mailboxes are have been moved to exhange online with a quota of 100Gb, so there is no issue of a lack of mailbox storage.


has anyone experienced this before, and if so, is there a fix.


for futher info, the member of staff has an the outlook profile recreated, the ost files and been deleted, there are no rules or filters configured.



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I would suggest enabling auditing on the mailbox and going over the audit log to see exactly what happens to those messages.

thanks for the reply @Vasil Michev

I now have auditing enabled for the mailbox, can you tell me where I can find the audit file?