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I have emails showing in the in box one minute and then they are gone and no where to be found.  Not using the focus box.  Have the option clicked to show ALL,  At least 5 emails gone this am.  Why?  How can this be resolved.

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Hi is this a corporate computer?
Do you have a separate program for mail security?
Check the remaining folders!
No, it is not a corp computer. Have checked every folder on outlook and they are no where


Hi Teresa,

For Outlook Online, see if your files are located in the Deleted Recover folder and Junk Email folders. See attached image.


2) You can also review if you have any RULES applied to incoming emails which may have instructed Outlook to permanently delete, block sender, or move to items archives or other folders. 


I hope these suggestions find your emails. Good luck.

So thank you any suggestion can help!
But if it is a computer not in the enterprise - it is rather no one applies extensive rules!

@Teresalogarrow @Teresalogarrow We have seen that mobile phones deletes emails in the inbox, and the phone uses the permanently delete option so you can only see the emails if you go to deletede items and chooses restore deletede items as described by Teresa