Emails appear in Inbox, disappear after 1 second and then re-appear after another second

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For the past couple of months, when I receive an email into my Inbox, I was noticing that I was getting multiple notifications on my iPhone per email (usually 2 per email). I also noticed that whilst looking at my Inbox, an email would come in, disappear after a second and then re-appear again after another second. 


I disabled and deleted all my mail apps on my iPhone to ensure it was not related to anything on there, yet the problem still occurs.


I had everything closed (even Outlook desktop) and just had my outlook web access open and I could still see the issue happening before my eyes. 


There are no rules/filters setup.


I'm now in a position where I'm having to choose between having emails on my mobile device and receiving 2 notifications per email or not having emails on there at all.


Any ideas/help would be much appreciated.


Many thanks

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I have the same issue and it's so annoying!
My IT department managed to fix it by changing settings on the email antivirus software that was installed. All fixed now!

Thanks for the update @ScottDG! Hopefully my IT department can do the same! I don't suppose you know exactly what anti-virus settings were changed? 

@skube My IT department have just told me this. It was to do with Vade Secure - our email security software:


Vade have a known problem of double notifications occurring, which is caused by the Time of Click function.

When an email is delivered to the inbox, Vade pulls the email from the inbox, scans the email and then puts the email back into the mailbox, which sometimes causes double notifications.

You may notice this is intermittent as the issue is caused when the mail client syncs the email before Vade pulls it from the mailbox.

Currently, the only way to stop this from happening is to turn off Time of Click within the Vade portal.

Sadly, according to our IT:


"This is normal e-mail behavior which occurs because all e-mail is checked for malware and viruses. We are aware of this, but we don't consider it an issue if we are protecting end user laptops."