Email subjects under Outlook folders showing wrong language

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Folders within a specific users Outlook are showing the wrong language in the subject line of the Preview Pane, but not in the actual emails

Issue only appears to be in the subfolders, not the inbox. When Outlook initially launched, the issue was occurring in the inbox, then it fixed them. Thought that maybe the subfolders were corrupted, so tried creating a new subfolder, but the language issue was already there in the new subfolder.
The language appears to be Greek


We already performed the following troubleshooting:

Ran an uninstall/reinstall of Office
Recreated the profile
Ran ScanPST, which found errors, and attempted to fix them
The folders look fine in OWA
We ran the SARA tool as well.



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Could you show it using a screenshot?

@Victor Ivanidze 


Check below screenshot , it is from the preview pane and the subject is of some different language.

But if we open the email by double click it is showing correct language.