Email Rule not applying to reply emails

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I am looking for help on a rule I am setting up (see pic below). The rule is not applying to any of Chris's reply emails. This is true whether Chris was the original email in the chain or not. 




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Why the "received before" clause?

@VasilMichev I am organizing/cleaning up an Account Executive's inbox of 47k emails. I want her to be able to see more recent emails, while I clean up the old. Once that is accomplished, I will then manage the more recent months. 


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  • First, I do not recommend running the rule to move all 47K emails at once.  :)
  • I am not sure how many years of leader messages are in the inbox. I suggest reviewing and managing the current year plus two years, then archiving the rest. The archiving data is available when needed. This method will save you a lot of time.  :) Confirm this plan with your leader.
  • Complete a search for a specific period to identify the number of emails during the date span.  Also, review the email size; you don't want to move too many large files simultaneously. 
  • Finally, here is a rule that you can consider using. The example below moves all 2020 emails.


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