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Hello, I have been using a account as my primary personal email for about 15 years. On Tuesday of this week, it out of the blue stopped showing me new emails. I also cannot send emails from the account. I have tried re-downloading and updating the Outlook app, changing my password, etc, and nothing works. I have also tried it on my phone’s “mail” app, (IPhone), the Outlook app, my mobile web browser at and on a laptop web browser. Microsoft customer service has been non-existent with me only being able to contact someone through outlook’s app’s chat and I have had one response that was immeasurably unhelpful. I know my mailbox isn’t full, and have deleted an additional 4,000 emails since this happened to try and fix it. (I’m really bad at deleting emails…) I’m at my wits end. Anyone got any ideas?
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I have an almost identical problem but with AOL.  Windows 10 did an update upon shutdown Tuesday (7/13) evening.  Wednesday morning I could not send/receive Outlook desktop emails.  Everything had been working fine for 2 years when suddenly it didn't literally overnight.  Been suffering the tech support shuffle ever since with no solution in sight.  Maddening to say the least. 

Около недели ,в Outlook/hotmal в разделе входящие нарушена структура сообщений ,выводятся 

сообщения  2014-2021 года, что очень неудобно.

В телефоне (андроид) Outlook структура сообщений без изменений