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I have set up an email alias, but the root email address remains the one I must log in with. When I use Outlook in the browser, I've turned on the setting that allows me to choose an account in the From field. However, by default, the root account is selected. Is there any way I can change this such that the alias is the default selection for the From account? 


Thanks for your help!  

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No, that's the default behavior, as Exchange only allows you to send via the primary SMTP address. To send via additional addresses, you have to use one of the available workarounds: use a third-party add-in, create a "dummy" account, provision another recipient with the address and grant yourself Send As permissions, etc. Use search if you need more details on these, as it's a very common question.

@Vasil Michev Thanks for the reply. I searched and found something similar, but it wasn't quite the same question, so I thought I'd ask the community. I appreciate your response. 

Hi @atblay, google for SetFrom and SetAccount add-ins for Outlook.