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Hi.  I have a personal Gmail account and a personal Outlook 365 account.  I also have an Outlook account at work where I have added my Gmail account info.  If I receive a Gmail message it will appear in Outlook.  If I edit the message in Outlook, will the edited result appear in all three places?  Will the edited result be added in Outlook as a duplicate entry?  If I delete the duplicate entry, will it be deleted in all three places?  Will the original message also be deleted? 

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Hi @Bill_Blaney1360,

when you make edits to a Gmail message in Outlook, the changes are localized to your Outlook client and do not synchronize with the Gmail server. This means that the edited message won't reflect across all three locations—your personal Gmail, personal Outlook 365, and work Outlook accounts. The alterations made in Outlook won't create a duplicate entry.

Deleting the edited message in Outlook only removes it from your Outlook client and not from your Gmail account or other instances of Outlook where your Gmail account is added. The original message remains unaffected in your Gmail account and other Outlook accounts.

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