Edit or add contacts in Outlook for iOS




I don't understand why we cannot add or edit contacts in Outlook for iOS.  We can add and edit contatsx in OWA for iOS.  


This is especially problematic as the Outlook for iOS has a oneway contats sync with native iOS contacts or iCloud.  Not being able to add new contacts, or make edits to existing seems very short sighted.


Can MS explain this decision?  This is a major problem for us to roll-out use of Outlook for iOS.


Thanks, P

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Contacts management in Outlook for IOS is a frequently asked feature, and hopefully it will eventually implemented.

In the meanwhile, you can sync (only) contacts via the native EAS client and exclude contacts sync in Outlook for IOS: all in all it is a viable workaround...

I can't edit contacts in Outlook IOS.  This conversation string implies that the feature is not available.  That makes the software useless.  What idiot designed a contact manager in which contacts can't be edited?

Now it should be possible to edit contacts in Outlook for IOS.

Please see https://blogs.office.com/en-us/2017/06/05/improving-people-in-outlook-for-ios-and-android/