Duplication of emails



I have a user who reported issues with the Outlook mailbox.

Mailbox "office@mail.com" has some of the emails duplicated. Office 2016 - E1 license.

This happened after staff moved emails from inbox to another subfolder (e.g. Inbox to 1.Cancelation).

Multiple users have been given delegation access to this email account.

Users' primary (own) mailbox is configured as cache mode.

The user said that there are no rules, but after I've searched with PS (Get-InboxRule -Mailbox office@mail.com) I've found 2 rules:

*Automatic reply: True 1

*Auto reply: True 2


This is not the 1st time issue that happened, but it is not that frequent.

There are around 20 users who have full access to this mailbox.

When the user checked OWA, emails are duplicated there also.


Any idea what could it be?

Is there any additional info that I should provide?





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