Draft email from msg file

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I'm creating a draft email programmatically, which I then save as a .msg file. An older version of Outlook allows me to modify and send such an email (after opening it in Outlook), while the newer version displays the message "This message can't be sent right now. Please try again later.". How can i enable editing and sending of the email if i have a new version of Outlook and a .msg file?

I get an error
"Header": {
"ServerVersionInfo": {
"MajorVersion": 15,
"MinorVersion": 20,
"MajorBuildNumber": 7633,
"MinorBuildNumber": 33,
"Version": "V2018_01_08"
"Body": {
"__type": "UpdateItemResponse:#Exchange",
"ResponseMessages": {
"Items": [
"__type": "UpdateItemResponseMessage:#Exchange",
"Items": null,
"MessageText": "An internal server error occurred. The operation failed.",
"ResponseCode": "ErrorInternalServerError",
"MessageXml": "<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>\r\n<XmlNodeArray xmlns:t=\"http://schemas.microsoft.com/exchange/services/2006/types\" xmlns:m=\"http://schemas.microsoft.com/exchange/services/2006/messages\">\r\n <t:Value Name=\"InnerErrorMessageText\">Operation can not access the Recoverable Items folder Recoverable Items; reason: .</t:Value>\r\n <t:Value Name=\"InnerErrorResponseCode\">ErrorRecoverableItemsAccessDenied</t:Value>\r\n <t:Value Name=\"InnerErrorDescriptiveLinkKey\">0</t:Value>\r\n</XmlNodeArray>",
"ResponseClass": "Error"

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