Draft email error when reopens (Sender email address change)

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Can you help me with my issue on outlook draft. My outlook have multiple account. The scenario is I reply on the email and save it first for later (before save.png) and when i reopen the draft mail the senders email has change.


accounts@iecdubai.com (this is the default email on my outlook, Office 365 account) when i reopen the draft email the senders email become this email but i used different email account in the first place.


accounts@theretailersinvestment.com (one of my account in outlook, Not Office 365 account) This is where i originally draft the email.


Kindly help me how to solve this issue. I attached the screenshot for reference.


Many Thanks.



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Hi @jekjhatz.


as far as I know that's by design. If you are running Outlook for Windows check if CoolDraft tool will help.

@Victor Ivanidze - why would it be by design? It is silly actually...I am having the same problem - have 4 email addresses but this issue seems to be between only 2 of them, not the other as I swapped and tested for all the combinations. I'd think it is a serious bug, and MS needs to resolve it. 

@jekjhatz Hi, were you able to find a solution to this issue? Thanks!