Does outlook (exchange) PST contains contacts? How to extract them?

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I want to get outlook synced contacts back from disabled account, got the PST.


- So we disabled user account as she left the job.

She had outlook contacts sync turned on when she added outlook email in iPhone app.

Now when she deleted the email account from the device all of the contacts got deleted as they were linked to our company's email account.


She asks us to help her retrieve lost contacts and want to help.


What should we do, what can be done without reactivating user account and re-adding it to iPhone app to re-sync the contacts back to the device to move them to another account.


Can we extract the contacts from outlook PST ? or is there other way? THANKS

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if you have a pst file you exported the mailbox to, the contacts will be in it. If you have an ost file backed up (from having the exchange account configured in outlook desktop), contacts are in it, but you need a 3rd party utility to get the contacts out.

Open the pst file and export the just the contacts to either a new pst or to a CSV file and give it to here.

@Diane Poremsky 


I think I found out the issue here, I did Archive not the Export, this is why I can not find "Contacts" information in PST file. My bad, I forgot that contacts is exported from "Export" not from the mail "Archive" menu.


Many thanks Diane!