Does Outlook, as a Drop Target, support IAsyncOperation?

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Hi Guys,

I know this may not be the right place to ask but I think it worths a try. If you know a better place to post please let me know. Thanks.


I am playing with Creating something from nothing, asynchronously [Developer-friendly virtual file implementation for ....


This brilliant article demonstrates how to create a customized DataObject implementing delayed data extract on drop/paste and asynchronous data trnasfer on background thread. It worked perfectly untill I tried to drop a file into Outlook 2016. It still works but the UI is not responsive despite the fact that my dataobject has "IsAsynchronous" set to true.


After debugging I found when dropped to Outlook IAsyncOperation.GetAsyncMode is not called and IDataObject.GetData is called on the UI thread.


My question is does Outlook support IAsyncOperation? If it does what am I missing? If it does not support IAsyncOperation, is there a workaround or different solution?







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